What does a Steering Wheel Have to Do With My Choices?

Do you want to make permanent changes in your life or health, but feel helpless in sticking with it?

Do you struggle to feel worthy or worth while?

If you could make lasting changes without hurting the people you care about, would you?

Are you hurting because of a loved one’s choices?  Perhaps you feel easily offended, or often offend others?

How would Your life be different if You made the choices of what you will and will not do and think, how to feel and what direction you will go in life?

Would making these choices help you feel free or would it cause an anxious or fearful feeling to come up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please listen to Craig’s free webinars on http://CraigBerthold.com/Testimonials.html

I’ve been there.  I know the pain of emancipation from others expectations.  I’m very familiar with the crippling fear of telling my loved one that I will make my own decisions from now on.

But, it’s worth it!  It’s worth all the pain!  I can say from experience that the path can lead to true joy and teach us to love ourselves, others and God in ways we never felt possible before.

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