Exercise is Fun!


What do you think of when you hear the work lifting weights, workout or exercise. If you’re like me, you might think boring, I’m sick, too busy or why do I NEED to go?

It took decades to convince myself that exercise wasn’t something to be resented or feared.  For years, just the thought of taking time out of my busy and exhausting schedule, just to run on a stupid treadmill or lift weights was absurd. 

I had 4 little kids to chase around all day and most nights, being active wasn’t a struggle.  

My struggle was wedged in between wanting a healthy body and all the rigorous demands of family life.

I felt pushed up against a never-ending list of urgent and important tasks that, in my mind, couldn’t wait. Besides, exercise always made me feel more sick and tired.  

Then, I learned some simple and fun ways to strengthen my body inside and out. 

Let me show you how I overcame that situation and discovered how fun exercise and a healthy body really is!

Healing Fitness is used while your body is healing. It’s specifically designed to promote blood flow and deep breathing to accelerate healing.

Healing Fitness