Month 2 Menu

This level teaches how to enjoy rich, whole foods and more rigorous activity without sacrificing taste and comfort. These dietary changes are a time of adjustment for your body. 

As you begin to bring it up a notch, your cravings and body will begin change. You should notice more energy, less desire for unhealthy food, fewer headaches, better sleep, weight loss or weight redistribution, and many other wonderful health benefits. However, with the increase of whole foods, some people may encounter digestion issues.  Or perhaps, due to unrelated hormone imbalance, you may not experience the weight loss you had hoped for.  For these issues, a wide array of holistic nutritional and other supports are available to help clean, rebuild and heal both mind and body. If this is the case for you, please schedule your one time – free – 30 minute health evaluation with Lillian. This evaluation will help us determine which course of action to take that will provide a way for you reach your goals.

Remember: If the changes are too sudden and drastic, you may feel weak, tired or even sick. This is why you will want to go at your own pace. Feeling this way will raise the likelihood of going back to old habits.  For these new habits to be permanent, your experience should be refreshing, invigorating, and low hassle. Learning to adapt these suggestions to fit your personality and lifestyle will be important to owning your changes. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

You’re going to Love this menu!