Project Description

Healing Trauma for LDS Men


Find a quiet time and place to ponder each lesson. Many people find it best to work through each lesson first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

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Module Two – The Path

The truth bomb
How to handle the situation gracefully
Understanding the grief cycle
Baby yourself
Guilt-Free Intuitive eating during trauma

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Module Three – Finding Balance

Truth or Lie, “the rest of the story”
Encourage healing
Understanding addiction
Set healthy boundaries

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Module Four

Ground & shield yourself from emotional attacks
Clear negative emotions
Weak things become strong
Abundant Life exercise
Set new goals

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Module Five

What are Primary foods
Exercise during trauma
Finding your sacred, quiet space to write & discover
Stress & Illness during times of trauma
EFT introduction with or w/o essential oils

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Module Six

When legal issues and questions arise
Organize & clarify your thoughts
Why creating a to-do list is important
Importance of keeping a journal

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Module Seven

Clean house
Clear away negative influences
Assessing your relationships
Cutting cords & energetic strings.

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Module Eight

Creating a new and better life.
Judge your neighbor.
Who are you? Letting go of labels.

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Module Nine

Overcome your false & limiting beliefs
Your support team
Prayer, faith, fasting, connecting w/god
Avoid being overcome by the turmoil & chaos inside your head

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Closing Thoughts

Setting priorities & untangling the mess
Finding something to be thankful for
Closing thoughts from Lillian
Program Evaluation

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