An Unexpected Lesson.

I’ve driven round trip from Utah to Arizona approximately 30 times in the past 5 years which is about 27,000 miles and countless hours on the same route.

071d3d0a333647c10a5c38632d452494To break up the trip, I’ve begun to explore the highways and road less traveled. I’ve begun to stop to take in a beautiful moment, a hike, or an overnight stay.

You might think after all that traveling along the same road, I might get tired of the scenery, but I’m not!  I still haven’t discovered enough, felt enough, or experienced enough of it’s beauty! I still long to explore the hidden and secret places along the route.small1

I’m turning 40 in January, my youngest is now in first grade, and I’m also single again.  I feel as if I figuratively have
my toes wet in the newest season of my life!

During this new season of life, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect, learn about myself and enjoy all the fullness that life has to offer!  I’ve learned that my experience never needs to be dull or boring so long as I continue to share the learning, creating, and growing experiences with someone I love.

Best of all, I’ve discovered real health and nutrition isn’t about how many miles I jog, hours in the gym, or calories I’ve deprived myself of. True health and nutrition is about infusing ourselves, the essence of who we are, with the power of the Divine to create a joyful, full and blessed life!