Project Description

Word-of-mouth is such a powerful tool!  I’ve worked without pay, for years on this specific e-course for one reason.  And that is to help as many people as I can heal their lives and experience the joy and fulfillment in life that I feel almost every day.  In my coaching practice, I found one-on-one coaching was wonderful and powerful, but I also knew that I couldn’t serve everyone who could benefit from and truly needed this kind of service.

I remember as a youth, wanting so much to make a global impact in healing the world from pain.  At that young age, I couldn’t have dreamed that e-course would ever exist.  In early 1990’s, computers weren’t a common household item, Windows had yet to be invented and very few people in the world knew what the internet was.

I couldn’t have ever imagined being able to create something like this or to one day having the opportunity to share my message with someone on the other side of the world.

Just like you, I’ve worked step-by-step in making my visions a reality.

So, please help me spread the word as I continue to produce high quality services that help to heal the world.